Useful Language: Making Arrangements on the Telephone

Table for Making Arrangements on the Telephone:

Answering the phone

  • Hello, Erik Halse speaking.
  • Good morning, Madion Ltd.

Making contact

  • I’d like to speak to Anna
  • Schilling, please.
  • Could I have the sales department, please?

Identifying yourself

  • This is / My name’s Marta
  • Blanco.
  • Marta Blanco speaking.

Starting your purpose

  • I’m calling about …
  • The reason I’m calling is …

Making arrangements

  • Could we meet on Monday at 10.30?
  • How / What about 10th?
  • Is 11.15 convenient / OK?

Changing arrangements

  • I’m afraid I can’t come on Friday.
  • We’ve got an appointment for 11.00, but I’m afraid something’s come up.
  • Could we fix another time?
  • I can’t make it on …


  • That’s fine / OK for me.
  • Sorry, I can’t make it then.
  • No problem.


  • Good. So, I’ll see you on 8th.
  • Thank you. Goodbye.
  • Right. / OK then.
  • That’s great. I’ll see you …



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